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Стих )

На английском) Переводить не надо)


My brain is like electric wires,
I don't want them to put on fire,
I feel like wires are reaping off,
Sometimes I feel like I'm in cuffs.

You don't believe me? It's your choice!
I scream - and you can't hear my voice.
Sometimes I'm desperate - sometimes not,
Sometimes I feel nothing but hot.

You think your move is just OK,
You think - go on, let's go this way!
You tell - and something going on,
Just go - and I'm again alone...

You just don't want you to admit,
That many people could be split
Not with "somebody" - with themselves,
Just in their heads. Just nothing else.

Admit - that I can feel this way!
Admit - I'm different, not okay!
Admit - my inner vision falls!
Admit - I could just simply crawls!

Where is your hand? You think I'm fake?
You think? Get lost, and let me make
my own moves, just let me live,
Then leave me, if you don't believe!

But I will stand. I always do.
Maybe live less that I want to
At least I have my faith and sooth,
Just leave me. I don't need your truth.

I'll go. Alone. And all of you -
you don't believe me, like I do.
And it's okay,
you have your light,
just leave me mine.
I'll be all right.

(c) 2016 Latronaxe /T.Lancaster/

My American friends like it, they said that there is a few minor grammar mistakes, and that's all)